Do Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled

While things are disrupted right now and your world seems forced into a holding pattern of dread and frustration, God is still in control and still cares for you. This truth may take a moment to grab hold of your heart and calm your spirit, so give it that moment. God cares for you, loves you, provides what you need to draw closer to Him. This is the ultimate good – that we pull back the world that blinds us to God and see Jesus, the good shepherd, the savior, the only mediator between us and the One who created us. In seeing Him clearly we can follow Him closely, and in focusing and in following we find peace, purpose and grace. Take a breath while things are uncertain and know that the One who made you is still looking out for you.

For the sake of public safety we have canceled Sunday services for a bit, but hacks and work-arounds are being developed rapidly. Plan to come visit us soon or check us out on our Facebook page, The Christian Church of Milford.