Share the Gospel

We want to encourage everyone to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ well enough to share it with others. To assist in this ability we have developed a small DIY booklet that you can download, print, fold, staple and cut for yourself, or stop by the church building to acquire some we have already made. Instructions: 1. Download the .pdf and print on both sides of one page (flip on short edge). 2. Fold the longest edge in the middle, keeping the CCM logo (front page) on the outside. Do this three times. 3. Staple the middle of the final fold to bind your booklet. 4. Use a knife or letter opener to cut all the outer folds, separating the pages. Done.

The back has a simple color-coded statement to help organize your thoughts (or share the gospel with someone in imminent great peril). The middle has an expanded version of that statement that might work as an “elevator speech”. The other pages expand those ideas further for guidance on an actual conversation (in case your elevator gets stuck between floors for several hours).

This is how it should look when finished