Good News, Part 2

God created us. Sin broke us. Jesus chose us, and we must choose Him. When we do we will grow to be like Him, and eventually we will go to be with Him.” This frame work of the Good News of Jesus Christ was started in part 1 with clarification of who we meant by God, the dangerous trust He place in us with free choice and His image, the damage done to us by choosing sin, and the early attempts to establish covenants that would fix humanity’s problem of being broken by sin. In part 2 we talk about the cross that Jesus chose and the new covenant that His blood opened for all who choose to put their faith/trust in Him. This New Covenant that we enter by faith makes it possible for us to be transformed and grow as new lives filled with the Holy Spirit. Heaven is our eternal hope when this life is over, but there is plenty of adventure to face, difficulty to overcome, and abundance to enjoy until that day comes.