We’re Back!

On Sunday, May 3, The Christian Church of Milford reopened for worship, teaching and socially distant fellowship! It wasn’t much, but it felt like a real step in a positive direction. In this post is the worship, communion, and announcements from that day as one video, and then the lesson, titled “The Camel and The Rich Man”, as the other video. Our live Drive-In service currently reaches about a block in each direction from the building, broadcasting on AM 1610 with the option of acquiring a larger antenna to reach all of Milford when we feel the need and finances justify the expansion. Each week the service will also be recorded, edited and posted here on our website for those who want to enjoy following Jesus with us online. We are still praying for safety and recovery from the physical and financial challenges this virus has brought, but we are encouraged to see God moving us forward through the difficulties.