Mary from Magdala

It has never been easy for men and women to understand and support one another, but in our days of preheated outrage and words without meaning, it seems especially easy to jump to conclusions about people’s character and motives. This has happened to Mary from the town of Magdala. An independent and noble woman of means with a spiritual curiosity, Mary is often presumed to have ulterior motives and perhaps questionable character. But, when Jesus calls her by name she responds from the depths of her soul, “Rabboni”, teacher, and in a moment sees the Lord and her own true identity. If only we could all, like Mary, hear Jesus speak our name and in that moment know Him and ourselves for the white stone identity that He has for each of us. The freedom that love purchased for us at the cross is not simply the freedom from sin and its wages, but the freedom to discover and live into our white stone identity; a precious identity that is just between us and our beloved Creator.

Mary from Magdala has been given a reputation she didn’t deserve, but Jesus gave her an identity all her own